Bas Hordijk is a Dutch Photographer and Filmmaker, obsessed with the human figure in its surroundings. With his eye for composition, he captures the fleeting moments of romance and delicacy within the chaos of everyday life.
His short film 'Morning Blue' (2018) won the 'Join the Journey Award' during the international Project Mars Competition held by NASA. In 2019 Bas graduated with honours with a Bachelor's degree of Design, at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU).
His graduation film 'Perspective' (2019) won him a Filmfonds Wildcard at the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht, which will fund the production of his next short film. This film will premiere at a future edition of the Nederlands Film Festival.

2020 Honerable Mention - Exibart Street Contest 2019 (Int.)
2019 NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2020 - GUP Magazine (NL)
2019 FONTANEL Dutch Design Talent (NL)
2019 Nomination MAF Young Masters Award - Perspective 
(short film) (NL)
2019 Winner Filmfonds Wildcard - Perspective (short film) (NL)
2019 Official Selection Nederlands Film Festival - Perspective (short film) (NL)
2019 Winner HKU Animation film festival: Eyeballing Candy Award - Perspective (short film) (NL)
2018 Winner Morning Amsterdam - 'Zorg goed voor onze stad en voor elkaar' (NL)

2020 Magazine #04 (NL) - Feedback Article on Composition
2020 Fotopolis - F
otografia jako inspiracja dla filmu 
(PL) - Interview
2020 Taipei Photographic Society - 眼如觀景窗・心是快門鍵 (TW) - Interview
2020 Kiekie-Art (NL) - Interview
2020 Beyond Digital Magazine - Vol 2. (Int.)
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2019 Haarlems Dagblad - October 9 - Region Haarlem pages 4 & 5 (NL) - Interview
2019 Soul in Street - Photography & Philosophy Magazine #23 (DE) - Interview
2019 Cursusboek Compositie voor Gevorderden (NL)
2019 Fuji X Passion Magazine Special Edition (PT- Interview
2019 EYE-Photo Magazine (AT)
2019 Magazine #05 (NL)
2019 MyCapture Magazine (UK) - Interview
2018 Life Is Street (FR)
2018 Fisheye Magazine (FR)
2018 Fuji X Passion Magazine #29 (PT) - Self-written Article
2018 Urban Street Photo Gallery (Int.)
2018 Eyeshot Magazine (IT)
2018 NASA - Project Mars Competition (US) - Morning Blue (short film)
There is a sublime poetry to Bas's work that you can't help but be drawn to. It is graphically stimulating, but so intelligently narrative too in what it delivers, whether that be of the subject or the environment captured. On top of all that, they always have that distinct Hordijk finger print of cool compositions and vivid colours that bring that visual quality Bas has in abundance.
— @_53mm_
Fuji X Passion (November, 2018)